Theatre of Change

Scenario Arts in Association with Creative Dynamics Coaching

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The heart of the creative solutions that we offer is about enabling individuals to find their story, explore it and have the opportunity to change it. The Theatre of Change uses the art forms of Performance Poetry and Forum Theatre together with Creative Dynamics Coaching and Drama Facilitation.   The creative process is a potent catalyst for a deeper inquiry into key issues, and the artistic experience is the antidote to information overload.


The solutions we offer are dependent upon the client brief and include:

  • Finding a truth about yourself
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Living and working with vision
  • Addressing fear and overcoming blocks to change
  • Creating self-esteem and confidence
  • Identifying goals and dreams
  • Identification of  behaviour patterns and how to change them
  • Improved communication skills; verbal, written; listening
  • Being in the ‘Now’
  • Creating team spirit
  • Managing gender issues
  • Supporting sustainable change


Theatre of Change Workshops

Where there is no emotion there is no life…..there is no fire; …therefore emotion is the carrier of consciousness…” Marie Louise von Franz Jungian Psychologist.


Example programme:
Opening to Creativity - Performance Poetry and Coaching

  • Learn a truth about yourself
  • Become emotionally engaged
  • Create self esteem and confidence;
  • Understand the benefits and needs of being playful and fully present
  • Understand the power of the story
  • Explore new thinking
  • Improve communication skills: verbal, written and listening
  • Create team spirit
  • Develop presentation skills


Using metaphor as a tool for creating a safe space in which to express the authentic self.

Forum Theatre Stage 1
Exploring the current story and generate a ‘Theatrical debate’ to:

  • Explore specific issues
  • Experiment with ideas and innovation for change
  • Improve communications
  • Tackle issues around team building
  • Motivate
  • Determine the values and beliefs for aspired change


Forum Theatre Stage 2

Creating the new story, performing it, generating discussion and feedback to:

  • Establish new ways of performing roles
  • Experiment with new ways of communication
  • Adjust and change what it needed
  • Become comfortable with and accepting of change
  • Identify key goals for the future


These workshops are tailored to the client brief and a more detailed outline for them will be provided once this is established.



Performance Poetry
Our earliest learning of communication is through nursery rhymes, stories, song.  A poem is a story.  It requires the creator to write from the heart; to be emotionally engaged with themselves and their external world from a whole brain perspective. Performance poetry is the entrepreneur in the world of poetry. It is a freer form of expression that can utilise different rhythms, tone, pace even be backed by music, but it must ultimately take the audience with them and work with the voice, not on the page.  Poetry requires deep listening; keen observation; good use of language and self expression.


Forum Theatre - is an interactive form of theatre that presents a theatrical debate to create a group ethos that encourages audience interaction and is a powerful tool for exploring solutions to difficult problems. It offers an entertaining and meaningful way for:

  • Challenging established perceptions.
  • Understanding group/team dynamics in the work place
  • Exploring specific issues affecting individuals/groups experiencing disempowerment
  • Identifying areas of conflict and possible solutions


Forum theatre scenarios are designed to stimulate audience participation through discussion, interactive role-playing and shared experiences. The sessions will have the following characteristics:

  1. The focus is on the individual and the group in the Here and Now;
  2. Current patterns of thought and behaviour are explored to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ going forward;
  3. A bias towards action and generation of a clearer picture of the future
  4. The individual is empowered through self-understanding and self-acknowledgement and the support and challenge within the group
  5. Personal insight and inner resources are discovered to assist momentum
  6. Confidence is increased to access personal and professional tools to meet the challenges.


Participants are encouraged to engage thoroughly with the ideas and concepts presented due to the alternation between experience, reflection, discussion and feedback. The individual is engaged in activities that stimulate the playful less mind orientated aspects of their nature. In addition to this, they are given the opportunity to make their own discoveries by experiencing and questioning for themselves and learning through exploring their own work/personal related issues in an environment of trust and mutual support. The activities aim to unlock enthusiasm and commitment by enhancing self awareness and personal confidence and the capacity to create change.

We also offer scripted Forum Theatre scenarios.

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