3 DAY 


Dartington Hall Estate South Devon


July 2nd-4th 2021

Residential option

10.00 am- 4.30 pm daily 


Concessions available 

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Traditionally, the arrival of spring offers the promise of new life, the birthing of new ideas and fresh growth.

Following the drama of last year, we may now find ourselves having to unlearn our ‘new normal’. Having been separated both from the things that connect us to the world and from each other, it can be challenging to let go and trust life again as we dare to enter a time for rebirth and reconnection. Dramatherapy provides a platform for reinvention and healing, connecting us to what is important in our lives.

Over the 3 days, you will be invited to meet and journey across the threshold of both new and old  landscapes, using different dramatherapy methods from; Sue Jennings Developmental Model of Embodiment, Projection & Role, Forum Theatre and personal story, to the drama of Myth & Movement and the Sesame Approach.

No previous experience is required to participate. A perfect foundation if you are considering a new career path or extending your therapeutic skills or simply longing to enjoy reawakening your creative spirit.

Dramatherapy is a form of interactive group work and a method of play; a means of discovering, unlocking and working with different aspects of the self in a spontaneous and imaginative way.  It provides a creative vehicle for the transformation of feelings, and is an active form of therapy that emphasizes movement, voice, characterization, embodiment and expression through drama. The focus is not on performance but on the creative process itself.

Where the group provides an opportunity to explore personal issues, participants are able to work at their own pace within a contained and supportive environment. No previous experience is necessary.

This course also aims to offer inspiration & technique for Continued Professional Development through gaining a practical understanding of 2 of the main models of the dramatherapy process and their application, gaining practical tools and techniques that can be applied within different settings as a dynamic approach to healing and change.

“Dramatherapy is both the container of the chaos & the means to explore it” Jennings. 



Day 1 The Developmental Model 

The Developmental Model of Dramatherapy ( Dr Sue Jennings) explores the creative life of the clients as part of their whole life journey. Sometimes we may struggle to integrate the conflicted elements of experience. When that struggle is explored symbolically through the fiction we create in dramatherapy then the healing process could be described as restoring life through art. This model maps how dramatic play evolves into and from 3 distinct stages; Embodiment, Projection, Role .

Day 2 – The Sesame Method

This workshop will introduce participants to the Sesame Approach to Drama and Movement Therapy. Building on the exploration and experience of working with imagination and symbolism from day 1, participants will be guided through an embodied experience of the Sesame Approach, where the ritualistic Sesame session structure will shape and form the day.

We will move from a place of playful and conscious connection with ourselves and each other, into the land of traditional story and myth enactment, where there is the opportunity for a more unconscious exploration with ourselves, our creativity and each other. There will be time to reflect on the embodied experience, consider meaningful connections with the symbols, metaphors and archetypes explored and share these with each other. We will consider the application of the Sesame approach with clients and explore the value of this approach alongside other forms of Dramatherapy.

Day 3 – A Theatre Model (includes Forum Theatre)

Working with personal story and creative improvisation and performance we will explore both old and new landscapes from our inner and outer worlds. Engaging in interactive Forum Theatre, play and ritual that will both challenge and inspire present patterns and beliefs to make way for new beginnings and fresh insight.


Participation is by booking form (to download see above) or contact rachel.perry59@googlemail.com   07983 393165/01803 473079

No formal qualification is required for entry.



A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place, the remaining fee due within 2 weeks of the course start date.

Numbers are limited to 12 due to Covid 19 capacity guidelines but in the event we are oversubscribed a waiting list shall be formed should Government guidelines change and we can go to full capacity of 16. Should we have to cancel, all prepaid monies will be refunded.


Rachel Perry 

Rachel Perry founded Scenario Arts in Personal Development in 1996 . She has been a registered Dramatherapist for over 25 years with a background in theatre performance and directing.

Rachel currently has a private practice in South Devon. Bringing together the theatrical & therapeutic stage she has developed her own models of dramatherapy namely The Theatre of Our Lives and Acting 4 Real which have been applied as creative learning tools within a number of settings including education, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and the corporate sector. Rachel was the Course Leader and Senior Tutor on an advanced Diploma in Dramatherapy accredited by Worcester University for 18 years. She currently offers individual and group therapy and supervision within her private practice and also facilitates Forum Theatre workshops and bespoke introductory training courses in Dramatherapy. She is a member of the HCPC


Melanie Beer

Melanie Beer has been practicing as a Dramatherapist for over 10 years. Registered with HCPC, she is trained in the Sesame Approach to Drama and Movement Therapy. She has worked in many different settings including health care, education, the third sector and private practice.

She has specialized in working with adult’s with acute and complex mental health problems in secure services. In this setting she developed a trauma informed approach to her work, integrating trauma, attachment and gestalt theory with her practice as a dramatherapist.

Melanie also works within an Adult Learning Disabilities Service in the NHS in Wales. Within this setting, she currently co-runs a Dramatherapy group and has recently written a book chapter with her co-therapist on the integration of the Sesame approach with Gestalt psychotherapy. In it, they explore how the group offers an antidote to the cultural shame experienced by those who are labelled as ‘disabled’.

Melanie is a qualified clinical supervisor and holds a private supervision practice, working with arts therapists, counsellors and health care professionals. She is interested in finding creative ways to explore the issues brought to supervision by her supervisees. Melanie provides individual clinical supervision, group supervision and reflective practice.

She is also part of the Creative Therapies Collective; a not for profit organization offering affordable creative arts therapies within South Wales.

Melanie is a founding member of the Golden Thread Playback Theatre Company where she gets to combine her love of play, movement, storytelling and performance, spontaneously bringing to life stories that are told by audience members.

Based in Cardiff, Melanie is an active part of the arts therapies community within Wales and sits on the Dramatherapy Wales Committee.


VENUE – The Griffiths Room, Dartington Hall Estate TQ9 6EL


Dartington Courtyard Map

With 880 acres of verdant forests, abundant wildlife and clear rivers, the Dartington estate offers the perfect backdrop to learning and creativity.

Student accommodation is available for £35 pr pn including breakfast. Please indicate on your booking form if you would like this.

The nearest railway station is Totnes and is a 5 minute cab ride to the Estate.

The White Hart and Green Table cafes on site provide wholesome hot meals during the day and regular refreshments




Step into Spring , clear out the winter blues and set positive intentions for the future with a playful, provocative and therapeutic experience of dramatherapy. This one off workshop will introduce methods and techniques to stimulate the imagination and expand our awareness , helping us to connect with the new, erase the old and bring into focus what matters to us most. No previous experience is necessary.  Come and play!









This is a closed group of 6 sessions for those interested in the therapeutic benefits of Dramatherapy for self expressions, healing and change. It is an opportunity to deeply enter the creative and healing process that dramatherapy offers within a contained group.

The emphasis will be on developing self awareness and increasing self confidence, whilst stimulating the unconscious through spontaneous play and development of the imagination using personal story, archetypal journeying and creative dialogue, improvisation, movement and group reflection.

Where the group provides an opportunity to explore personal issues, participants are able to work at their own pace. No previous experience is required. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



 “To be or not to be”

What is your question?

Contact Rachel FFI



Workshops in both Forum Theatre and Dramatherapy can also be offered as part of a tailor made programme to suit specific group requirements. If you are considering staff training or consultancy for your business that you think might  benefit from some training in this approach or an introduction to the tools and techniques involved in these methods please get in touch for further details.





Forum Theatre is an interactive form of theatre that presents a theatrical debate to create a group ethos that encourages audience interaction and is a powerful tool for exploring solutions to difficult problems.

This one day workshop explores the practice of Forum Theatre and its application to communities and groups. It offers an entertaining and meaningful way for:

  • Working with socially excluded or dis-empowered groups
  • Challenging established perceptions
  • Understanding group/team dynamics in the work place
  • Exploring specific issues affecting individuals/groups experiencing dis-empowerment
  • Identifying areas of conflict and possible solutions

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in the creative process who would like to learn more about using theatre as a medium for healing. The tools and techniques can be applied in any work setting when considering group dynamics and roles within the work place and also for those engaged in the more intimate setting of group work wishing to explore relationship issues. Forum is also used to gain a deeper understanding on more global issues and to raise awareness and create a theatrical debate.Forum theatre scenarios are designed to stimulate audience participation through discussion, interactive role-playing and shared experiences.

This workshop can also be delivered on a bespoke basis to address specific issues within your organisation or group.

For further information and to discuss your requirements please contact Rachel at Scenario 07983 393165/rachel.perry59@googlemail.com




This workshop is for anyone with some previous experience of the arts therapies, psychotherapy or therapeutic group work and is ready to go to the next level. It is aimed at developing an understanding of how our personal stories, scripts & inner characters, can be re recast, and rewritten, to create clarity and insight of the past, present and future.

Using Therapeutic Theatre, masks, creative writing and dramatherapy methods we will be exploring how our inner feelings, voices and personas meet our outer expression in the world and gain insight into our relationship with ourselves and others.

This is not a therapy group however the group will be a respectful and safe space where therapeutic insight may occur as a result of participation.



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