Reflective Practice

for Therapists & Group Workers



 Starts February 26th 2016 


£30 per person in group of 3 – 6


Advantages of using arts therapies for reflective practice

Reflective practice is designed to help everyone keep thinking, playing and learning from experience. The aim is to enhance the wellbeing of the individual clients and the community as a whole. Using arts psychotherapies as a reflective practice tool, this group offers a dynamic way of working where the ideas, methods and practices are essentially creative.

Dramatherapy may use all the aspects of theatre; as Goffman (1959) notes, “life is like art” and in this way, we can use the dramatic context to explore the parallels of life. Questions such as, who is playing what role? Where is the spotlight? Where is the shadow? What is the script here? The dramatic distancing from emerging material offers a new perspective. Whilst contemplating the metaphor, a person may also consider the multiplicity of this perspective. The drama therapist may use objects to depict and externalise what may be felt inside, or use role/story to consider relationships as seen from the outside. Both give the potential to reflect in a space which is both curious and witnessed.

The opportunity to play opens the ability to learn and experience and re-create fresh understanding, whilst additionally giving a place to form relationships and share together in an environment of trust. Through this process a person may find new understanding for themselves and through the play making with others they also find shared understanding.



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