The following testimonials are from some of the students who have attended the Dramatherapy Certificate Course (now the Foundation) or workshops over the past 18 years.

“This course has given me the stepping stones to live my life and to do the work I am dreaming of doing”



“An incredible and rich experience”


“A challenging, yet gentle and infinitely creative experience, a real catalyst for change on my life’s journey”


“An inspiration, insights and pathways, lots of laughter – some at myself!”


“The freedom to take risks within such a supportive setting”


“A magical sense of connectedness, the variety and content of the course, a real inspiration”


“Way beyond my conscious expectations!”


“A magical journey receiving lots of gifts”


“Like a flame flickering, illuminating and warm”


“A sense that anything I want to do is possible. There is no pre determined path for me, I can take a risk. How fantastic!”


Like the magic shop, I gave something and received so much, I learned to express myself and found myself in the process”


“A diverse introduction to the many colours and faces of dramatherapy that equips participants with a range of skills that can be utilised in their own work place/practice”


“Fab to be in a group with so many diverse professions and backgrounds, an amazing experience”


“Excellent, tutors all of highest quality, genuinely interested in me as a person”


“Emotional, enlightening, instructive, fun, fabulous, life changing”



“Allowed me to just be, expressive and creative, playful and imaginative. Gave me a new purpose and direction”


“Different from anything I’ve ever experienced”


“A confidence booster of my abilities and strengths”


“A wonderful experience that skillfully led me on a journey of starting to understanding myself and the power of dramatherapy”


“Excellent, well organised, professional friendly and deeply enlightening”


“So many unexpected insights, I have found a new pathway which I am now clear I want to follow”


“A great range of experiences from a wealth of expertise of tutors”


“A valuable qualification toward my career path”


“A broad varied and accessible introduction to dramatherapy techniques and models”


“Full, varied, stimulating, powerful, memorable, a stepping stone to many things”


“Permission and space to explore so much of me I didn’t know existed”


“A diverse, rich treasure trove, a lucky dip, full of unexpected presents”


“A personal journey of the heart, a wonderful opportunity to understand and experience the workings of dramatherapy”


“A journey of great personal discovery and growth. A kaleidoscope of different experiences; creative, warm, playful, supportive, much learning on many levels”


“A joy to be in a group in such an authentic way”


“An odyssey of dramatherapy”


“Confirmation that I want to be a dramatherapist and an insight to what this entails”


“Eclectic and special, a voyage into new expression”


“Life enhancing”


“Experiential, demanding, exciting, revealing, stimulating and fun. High quality of facilitation and presentation”


“Discovering me, invaluable!”


“Greater sense of how I function in a seriously diverse group, a celebration of the human spirit”


“An amazing roller coaster of examples within the dramatherapy realm”


“Wow! I felt awakened and challenged and would do it all again if I could”


“Ownership of myself and my feelings, to live less in the head”


“An adventure”

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