Process Supervision

for Psychotherapists

& Counsellors

Newton Abbot Devon


£40 conc/£40 student

07983 393165

Peer group supervision also available. Please also refer to the Reflective Practice page for a creative approach to supervision and case study

(3-6 people

1 & 1/2 hr)

The primary foci of supervision (after Hawkins and Shohet 1989; 2007)
1 To provide a regular space for the supervisees to reflect upon the content and process of their work  Educational
2 To develop understanding and skills within the work  Educational
3 To receive information and another perspective concerning one’s work  Educational/Supportive
4 To receive both content and process feedback  Educational/Supportive
5 To be validated and supported both as a person and as a worker  Supportive
6 To ensure that as a person and as a worker one is not left to carry unnecessarily difficulties, problems and projections alone  Supportive
7 To have space to explore and express personal distress, restimulation, transference or counter-transference that may be brought up by the work  Administrative
8 To plan and utilize theirpersonal and professionalresources better  Administrative
9 To be pro-active rather than re-active  Administrative
10 To ensure quality of work  Administrative/Supportive


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